jQuery Sliding Message Plugin

by Henrik Joreteg

This plugin provides a cool way to temporarily display messages to the user.




Basic Usage

Using it couldn’t be simpler:

This almost goes without saying, but make sure you have jQuery and the plugin imported (jQuery first). Something like:

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.slidingmessage.js"></script>

Then you can just call it like this anywhere in your javascript:

$.showMessage("message to display");

A box with your message will slide into view from the bottom of the page (by default) with your message and will hide itself after a short pause.

Available options

The following are optional paramaters:

In the following example where we’re setting all available options, but you can do as few as you want, or of course, none:

var options = {id: 'message_from_top',
               position: 'top',
               size: 50,
               backgroundColor: 'red',
               delay: 1500,
               speed: 500,
               fontSize: '30px'
$.showMessage("This is with options!", options);

Additional Styling

Some styles such as font size and height make sense to set in the javascript. But you can set font family or whatever else you want by writing a rule in your CSS to match the sliding box div. By default the div id attribute is sliding_message_box. But you can set the id to be whatever you want by passing that in through the options.

Compatibility Note

This plugin uses the CSS property position: fixed; in order to support messages from the bottom of the viewport. However, it uses position: absolute as a fall-back. So if you have to have support for earlier versions of IE or on an iPhone you can simply set the option to slide in from the top. As long as the user isn’t scrolled down it should work just fine.

Tested in FF, Chrome, IE7+, Safari.

IE6 should work for sliding in from the top, but I haven’t tested it, and I don’t care, because IE6 should die anyways =)


BSD License